Prescription Drug Discount Card Program



What is the program?The drug discount card program helps citizens save money on their prescription medications that are not covered by insurance.This card cannot be used in conjunction with private insurance.


How much can I save?Savings average 20%.Some prescriptions you may save more, on some you may save a little less.


Who can get a discount card?Any citizen of Calhoun County can get a discount card.One card covers an entire household. You will not need to register, or even give your name.Simply ask and you will be given a card.


What does it cost?There is no enrollment fee, or membership fee.There is no cost to the County to participate in this program.The cost is covered by Caremark, the insurance company administering the program.


Which pharmacies accept the discount card in Calhoun County?HEB, CVS, The Prescription Shop, Wal-Mart, and The Pharmacy will all accept the discount card.


When will the program begin? The program has already begun!††


Where can I get a card when the programís ready to go?You can get your card at the County Judgeís office at the Calhoun County Courthouse, 211 S. Ann Street, Port Lavaca.


What if I have more questions? You can call the County Judgeís office at 361-553-4600.